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Ulterra Drill Bits Set New South Australian Offset Record

R&D Solutions has been a proud supplier of Ulterra drill bits to customers in Australia and around the world for some time. We’ve seen the benefits to our customers from the unique technology – such as the Counterforce drill bits – time and again and we’re happy to report some more great outcomes for a South Australian operator using Ulterra drill bits.

Over the period of May and June 2016 Ulterra supplied a bespoke drill bit design to a customer operating in South Australia. The bit was a 6-blade Counterforce design, which was customised to the client’s needs. The bit was run in hole at a speed of 21 meters per hour, achieving total depth in 101.5 hours, well under any previous similar runs, while showing very little wear. The customer undertook a further run in a second well which was completed in 110.1 hours, again meeting all the criteria the customer had set. Together both of these runs fully met the customer’s expectations.

The Ulterra brand has gained a reputation robust reliability here and overseas. The products have been proven for their flexibility to changing drilling dynamics. When when combined with the Ulterra Torque Buster and Inertia drilling enhancement tools, Ulterra bits meet most conditions found within the challenging drilling environment.

Ulterra also responds to customer specific applications with customised solutions, as shown in the example above, with their experienced in house team adept at designing, manufacturing and repairing high-quality, high-performance PDC bits for a global market. In Australia, the Ulterra team is supported by Joey Mos, who regularly travels between Adelaide and Brisbane.

Ulterra and R&D Solutions are proud of the record achievement and we look forward to meeting newer and bigger challenges with the aid of Ulterra’s technology. For more information on the Ulterra range contact Doug Gillespie on at R&D Solutions on 0433 332 365.

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